DNR Offshore and Crewing Services Inc. is an agency duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) with License No. 009-SB-013117-R-MLC.

          Through its stern recruitment system, our company provides highly-skilled and competent workers to offshore oil rig projects as well as manning various ocean-going vessels.

          Our records speak for itself, DNR – OCS, presently, has a revolving workforce of about 250 personnel in only one given project. Client satisfaction is thereby assured. All personnel recruited by us are also trained and certified in the areas of safety, applicable to their job assignments. We ensure the availability of qualified crews every time the client will ask for manpower supply. The company continuously enhances the skill and competency of the workforce and able to provide more technical knowledge through trainings. This thrust is true to both short-term and long-term contracts. Because of this, clients are assured of a very satisfactory service in the Offshore & Maritime Industry.




W e are ISO 9001:2008 compliant. You are rest assured of a Quality Management System in handling your professional requirement.




Now, after more than six years later, we have considerably tripled our size in terms of deploying highly competent work force for the oil and gas industry worldwide. We now, offer a much broader “product” range including the manning requirements of the industry’s support vessels and other international marine ocean-going vessels.We do not want to provide our valued clienteles with mediocre inter-discipline work force, but rather with the most cost effective, highly trained personel where able  to pass stringent internationally accepted training safety procedures and other technically -viable solution in the industry. Since then up till now, our goal has never wavered.

We work as closely as possible with all of our valued clienteles. We constantly challenge them to think beyond their current needs in order for us to serve them best. Being that our most important company asset is our reputation for ethical behavior, honesty and fair dealing, as you well know, reputation is a very fragile asset that can easily destroyed by the actions or failures of anyone among us. It is likewise worthy to note that our people are an integral part of our company’s culture and share in our vision and core values. We believe in leveraging the abilities of our employees and investing in them, so that they can be the best that they can be.

As we continue to strengthen DNR Offshore and Crewing Services, Inc. to meet our own and our valuable client’s expectation and to live up our name – to have the agility to meet market challenges – we are confident that integrity and honest dealing are always central to how we conduct business.