DNR Offshore and Crewing Services Inc. is a leading provider of highly competent workforce in offshore, maritime and shipping industries committed to fair and competitive prices to our clients worldwide.

We are driven by the core values of excellence, integrity, customer satisfaction and teamwork.

We strive to generate outstanding financial rewards with our partners as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, with maximum utilization of technology for the company’s improvement in order to foster strategic alliances with government and non-government institutions with integrity and respect for valuable community relations.


The leading provider of highly competent workforce in the offshore, maritime and shipping industries with equal emphasis on safety, quality, profits and employee welfare, as well as concern for the environment.



We are a results-driven organization committed to outstanding performance. We deliver what we promise and add value that surpasses expectations. We attain excellence through Innovation, Knowledge and Agility.


We anticipate change and capitalize on the many opportunities that arise, develop innovative ideas and put them into practice                     prudently and successfully.


We continuously learn, develop and deepen our awareness of our business, and the skills of everyone within it.


Being alert to change and quickly and proactively embracing them to meet the challenges that emerge from such change, giving our           clients and ourselves with a competitive edge.


We must be commendable of the confidence put in us by DNR, earn the trust of those we do business, meet and interact with, always do what is morally and socially correct, being trustworthy and honorable, integrity, honesty, and accountability are at the core of our business. We adhere absolutely to the independence and objectivity requirements under which we do business.


We collaborate inside and outside the organization to develop innovative ideas and optimal solutions. Every person is a valued member, treated with respect, recognized and rewarded for his contributions. We support and respect diverse, yet unified team and values the power of team interaction,   recommendations and decisions.

Customer Satisfaction

We institute welcoming relationships with clients; put them as top priority, delight with our on-time services-all the time, always try to anticipate their every need and seek continuous improvement by effective handling of clients and customers’ feedback and maintain a quality management system consistent to the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 International Standards.


        D – Dynamic supplier of highly competent workforce.

        N – Notable provider in maritime, offshore and shipping industries with excellence, teamwork, integrity and customer satisfaction.

        R – Responsible and responsive business partner duty bound to satisfy customer, regulatory, statutory and legal requirements.

        O – Obedient to quality policies meant to achieve company objectives.

        C – Committed to deliver excellent results in safety, quality, profits, employee welfare, and environmental aspects.

        S – Strengthened internal and external relationships with an optimal use of available communication tools and technology.