Crew Management

Our services is to supply Filipino seafarers, Deck & Engine Officers and Ratings, Oil Rig workers, bound to meet  the growing demands of the global competitiveness.  We provide well-experienced Filipino seafarers for all major types of merchant and offshore vessels operating worldwide, including, Container Ships, Bulk Carriers, Ro-Ro, Gen. Cargo, Supply, Passengers, Oil & Chemical Tankers, LPG, and offshore drilling and construction.

We can supply you highly skilled workers like Welders, Pipe Fitters, Scaffolder, Rigger, Instrument Technician, and even experienced, qualified and competent seafarer’s for Bulk Carrier, Tankers, Passenger Vessel and Ocean Tug, AHTS, Crew and Diving boat. Rest assured that we can provide your needs highly skilled workforce as we have trained from their skills to even on how they communicate with our English test.

Why Choose DNR-Offshore?

  • We understand your specific requirements because of our expertise across a wide range of industry sectors;
  • You are rest assured of a Quality Management System in handling your professional requirements;
  • We are committed to add value to your business;
  • The Philippines is still undisputedly the third largest English-speaking nation in the world;
  • We can advertise free on your behalf in our monthly newsletter with CV’s upon inquiry;
  • We have our in-house training facility as well as allied internationally sanctioned training institutes;
  • We are accredited by the United States Embassy Manila Sea Faring Team for nonimmigrant visa;
  • We can arrange a skype interview on a short notice;
  • Highly competitive rates without hidden charges.